Lack of escort guards had delayed the departure of the trio of

And Peter says goodbye

Peter Mukerjea and his sister Shangon Das Gupta exchanged a long and special hug near the door of Courtroom 51 at the end of the Friday, May 4, hearing in the Sheena Bora murder trial.

Since the Mumbai city civil and sessions court was breaking for summer recess, she would not see her elder brother, and the star of the Mukerjea clan, till the next hearing, scheduled for 25 days later.

His sister could visit him at the Arthur Road jail, near the Chinchpokli railway station, central Mumbai. But visiting relatives in that 92 year old jail is said to be an ordeal, especially on holidays and weekends, when the queue to get in takes way canada goose outlet uk over an hour. Some 2,000 prisoners live under a roof canada goose outlet in new york built for 800.

uk canada goose outlet Once you are inside, information has it, there are some ten slots where one can meet a prisoner in a small, fetid room stuffed with relatives, four per accused/convicted. uk canada goose outlet

Conversation apparently happens through two layers of glass windows and via a phone and every prisoner gets about 15 minutes with his relative/s.

No wonder that the families of the accused prefer the corridors of the court no matter how humid or uncomfortable to meet.

The Friday hearing was a very short one.

canada goose coats on sale Set to begin at 2.45 pm there was no sign of Accused No 1 Indrani Mukerjea, Accused 2 and Indrani’s former husband Sanjeev Khanna and Accused 4 Peter for the next hour nearly. canada goose coats on sale

Indrani, wearing a red bandhani chunni wrapped about her canada goose outlet real white kurta, which had red mango shaped canada goose outlet website legit motifs on it, a red bindi and a white salwar, came pattering up the six grimy flights of steps ahead of her co accused.

Canada Goose Jackets Of light frame, she walks swiftly. She canada goose outlet in toronto said she had been canada goose outlet factory brought to the boarding area of her Byculla jail, central Mumbai, at 1.30 pm. Lack of escort guards had delayed the departure of the trio of accused from both jails. Canada Goose Jackets

When they arrived, some 20 police guards showed up with them, protecting them.

The arrival of the accused didn’t begin the hearing.

Indrani’s trial lawyer Sudeep Ratnamberdutt cheap canada goose jacket Pasbola was delayed in another courtroom, hearing a judgement.

Everyone sat around expectantly, twiddling their thumbs. And sweating.

canada goose Peons, clerks, the steno, prosecution advocates, defence lawyers, the legal assistants, the police, the accused, the relatives, the CBI, the witness and CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale. canada goose

canada goose black friday sale It was a near perfect Mumbai courtroom quorum, which is always an enormous challenge to achieve, except for the absence of the hero of that moment the stocky moustachioed advocate with a stern face and a booming voice that is much more overpowering than his height. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Everyone got edgy, tetchy. Indrani’s lawyer Gunjan Mangla, wearing a pretty white embroidered blouse under her black lawyer court made chakkars (rounds) of the courtroom upstairs where Pasbola was held up. Canada Goose online

From time to time, the judge, who had to leave early by 4.15 pm made enquiries of the other defence lawyers about Pasbola’s whereabouts.

Finally at nearly 4.15 pm, Pasbola came hurrying along the third floor corridor, holding up his hands together in forgiveness, “My apologies to everyone.”

As he rushed into Courtroom 51 he apologised profusely to the judge saying he was tardy because he had to hear the very long judgment in a case he was handling.

Judge Jagdale, who had been mildly crochety earlier, said he heard from Pasbola’s colleague (Mangla) that the advocate was merely listening to a judgment in another courtroom and wondered.

Equanimity restored, the judge, always a patient man, gave a big smile from behind his moustache and said: “Half an hour is for your disposal.”

canada goose uk outlet Friday Pasbola focused on comparing what the third witness PW3, Indrani’s secretary Kajal Sharma told the court during her testimony a few days ago and what she told the Khar police station, S V road, north west Mumbai, shortly after Indrani was arrested in 2015. canada goose uk outlet

Pasbola was in a compassionate and expansive mood and took pains to be very gentle with Sharma.

He smiled a lot at her, joked and, even if it was futile, attempted to coax more out of her with a velvet glove approach.

canada goose clearance Sharma, dressed in a white kurta with a white pattern on it and beige narrow pants, smiled a few times on the witness stand, trying canada goose outlet kokemuksia to be, it would appear, more amenable too. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale Her husband, in a blue striped shirt and slacks, was, as usual, in chair 5, quietly supporting her, always keeping his eyes faithfully on her, inspiring confidence in her, although she never looked at canada goose outlet england him during the proceedings. Canada Goose sale

He kept her pink handbag canada goose outlet washington dc on his lap and carefully held a white cloth bundle. What initially mistakenly seemed another bag with flowers on it, was actually the same folded up flowered chunni, that Sharma brings each time to court.

Maybe it has some unique significance or is her a lucky charm. Or it is for the hot sun, when they exit the court after the hearing. It was 33 degrees C on Friday.

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