Unlike with the flu jab, annual injections are not needed

He said: “O Lord, renew me, and I will kill you again.” And the Lord God said, “I have already told you that they are not returning to you.” He said, “O Lord!” “I do not think that those who were killed in the way of Allah are dead, but live with their Lord, they will be saved” (3 / Surah Al-Imran, verse 169)
Sunan Ibn Majah, And in Sunan al-Tirmidhi on the authority of Ibn Mas’ud: He was asked about his saying: “Do not count those who were killed in the way of Allah dead, but live with their Lord.” Then he said, “Have we asked about this?” Aham in green birds laying off in Paradise, where she wants and is home to the lamps hanging pretender to them see our Lord said, Are you informed Tstzidon something Voziedkm? They said: “Our Lord, and what do we treasure?” Then he told them a second time and said, “Do you increase something, and I will increase you when they see that they did not leave? They said, ‘Bring our souls back to our bodies until we return to this world. We will be killed in your path again.'” Abu Issa said: This is a saheeh hadeeth saheeh. In Sunan al-Tirmidhi, And he added and read our Prophet peace and told him about us I have satisfied and pleased us

Abu Issa This is a good talk
Al Albani said: True
And in Musnad Albzar, Musnad Ibn Abbas, and in the preface to what is in the Moota of meanings and Asanid and Mesnad Ibn Abu Shaybah / Bab What is mentioned in the virtue of jihad and pronunciation of it and in the people of faith to the Bahaiqi

Ibn Abbas, said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him He said to him: When your brothers were injured, God made their lives in the foliage of the bird of Khadr, and the rivers of Paradise returned, and they ate their fruits, and they went out to heaven where they wanted to, and when they saw their good men and their restaurant and drinkers they said: O our people know what God has done for us.

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