Reported CASA ratio on a qoq basis increased by 99bp to 40

After Shabazz Napier and Boatright hit four free throws, UConn led by 27 points. UConn finished the half with a 54 31 lead, and Daniels, Giffey, Calhoun and Boatright were all in double figures already.”Everybody on this team can really shoot the ball,” Daniels said. “When teams play the zone defense against us, we just spread the court, try to attack the middle and kick it back out to the shooter.”The Huskies continued to extend the lead until it reached 39 points in the second half, and then Ollie was able to get freshmen Terrence Samuel and Kentan Facey, and sophomore Leon Tolksdorf, some much needed playing time.

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The 39 year old fighter will make a second run at the UFC light heavyweight belt this weekend when he faces a fighter that many consider the next big thing, Jon Jones, in the main event of UFC on Versus. Janitor first run was way back at UFC 33 when he was defeated by Tito Ortiz in a title fight. Although he not directly in contention for a belt this go around, a win over Jones will do wonders for his chances..

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St. Pierre 13th straight UFC victory made it 3 for 3 for the championship challengers in front of 18,201 fans in the promotion second card at the Garden in 12 months. Dillashaw won the bantamweight championship for the second time and Rose Namajunas won the strawweight title on the pay per view card..

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