It very early in the race so I was not expecting a big turnout

Today, Trump lives in a luxury apartment on one of the top floors of Trump Tower. He also owns the Tower. He still gets around by limousine and helicopter, protected by personal bodyguards, and has millions of dollars at his disposal. If you want to heat up a dancefloor, look no further than to the new boogaloo! Spanglish Fly has hit its stride by lending a modern edge to the 1960s genre that was born of soul and Afro Carribean dance music in New York City. “Boogaloo Shoes” is a feast of rhythm, horns, Cuban guajeo piano riffs and even a sassy rap by Mariella Gonzalez: “They could be made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, cause we’re putting the you in zapatos (shoes) boogaloo.” Amen, sister. Marisa Arbona Ruiz.

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