)Just played my first few matches of Rush

canada goose Battlefield 1 Open Beta megathread

canada goose deals Was getting 70 90 fps and above on Sep 4th, then barely 60 after setting everything to low when I ran into 25 40 (with exact same settings) Canada Goose sale yesterday into this morning. Even worse canada goose factory sale when weather rolls in.

Not a Battlefield fanboy but I enjoying myself. I had issues with moving over terrain, janky hit detection, problems opening doors/shutters, seeing people who are invisible except their guns, a few CTD due to cheap Canada Goose turning on DX12, US servers not showing up in Canada Goose Outlet the browser, getting kicked from server upon logging in, and dying from people on horseback canada goose uk outlet who seem way too far away (yeah, they have swords, but a few times I died when I could still see the tip moving towards me.) Also seems like being on horseback is canada goose coats way OP.

Canada Goose sale Not bad for a BETA. Hopefully the FPS issue is just them screwing with things in order to optimize. Ran buttery smooth for me a couple days ago. Needs a fair amount canadian goose jacket of polish but seems way farther along than BF4. I probably buy it after its been out for a few weeks, assuming they address these issues. Fun casual shooter, but I go elsewhere for a deeper, more tactical experience.

Canada Goose Parka Edit: More issues. Spawning without weapons and being unable cheap canada goose to change seats when in a vehicle (hitting the corresponding key does nothing, and yes, they empty.)Just played my first few matches of Rush, not played Conquest yet. So far the sniping feels pretty buy canada goose jacket cheap decent, better for me than it has been on previous Battlefields because I can snipe.

canada goose coats https://www.cheapcanadagoose.net on sale However, similar to someone earlier, it so hard to win on either team on Rush when your team just start sniping the whole way. I able to snipe and still plant/defuse a bomb but my team can do that.

The last match I just played, we were defending at the 4th position. I was doing my best to run back and forth defending both sites (now using a support class) but constantly getting out flanked and out uk canada goose manoeuvred by vehicles and other players because at least half my team were not at the back of the position Canada Goose Jackets of our spawn or on rooftops trying to cover the bombs, but toward the very front of our allowed area sniping in the buildings, almost forgetting that enemies can flank round the left and right without being seen by them so while half my team are shooting at what felt like 2 people, the rest of my team are being outgunned by everyone else.

canada goose black friday sale Sniping can work in some positions (defending the third position is a great place to snipe), but at other times its highly unnecessary when you in an area that filled with close quaters and buildings.

buy canada goose jacket cheap I wouldn say remove the class from Rush like some people, but I definitely say it Canada Goose online needs to be altered in some canada goose coats on sale way so people aren sniping in the worst areas at canada goose store the worst time. We were defending quite well are aren the start but as more people began to snipe it just went wrongI think this beta proves exactly why scope glint is needed. I LOVE it and I snipe too. Not very often, but I like it when I do. If they remove it, it should only be in modes with smaller map sizes like TDM. I think a tweak they could make is to make it only visible inside of the sniper’s kill range. To me personally, if you have a weapon that can kill someone uk canada goose outlet in one shot, it’s not fair that people have no idea canada goose where you are until they’re dead. And in the case of snipers, even if people Canada Goose Online do know where canada goose uk black friday you are, they can’t do anything about it if they don’t have a sniper themselves because snipers stay so far back.

Maybe make the glint show after a certain distance.

Canada Goose Outlet My mates reckon I should be able to run the game a lot better. One says that canada goose uk shop my gfx card is a little bit off Canada Goose Parka being the equivalent of his Nvidia gfx card (which I forgot the name of, super handy) and that it should run the game pretty much as well as his does (his settings are all on ultra).

canada goose clearance I have everything on low/off and my resolution scale is on 40%, yet the game still bounces between 55ish and 65ish fps, often jittering/slightly freezing/not being smooth/just eating shit in general (mainly when I near explosions or more than like 2 dudes or near action and all that general shit). In a canada goose black friday sale nutshell, it isn smooth and can feel really shoddy at times. Sniping also feels heaps harder with these low settings.

canadian goose jacket I could go on describing shit but I guess there no need I was just wondering if my specs should be able to pump the game out better? Is there anything I can do/something I missing/etc?

Canada Goose online I downloaded the latest gfx drivers (catalyst or whatever) that I could find, I set bf1 process at high priority while playing, I don have anything running in the background and do what I can to get performance out of my PC (from stopping unneeded services to not using a theme and so forth), I got tessellation at a max of x8 in my radeon settings, etc etc. My PC is a shitbox, but should it be running BF1 better (or can it)?Yup. I did some testing and found that in the spawn menu and customization menu, my ping is 50, but when I buy canada goose jacket spawn, it jumps to 400+ and spikes to over 100 randomly.

I was super intrigued by the game, but now I have zero interest.

canada goose store EDIT: After doing some tinkering around, I figured cheap canada goose uk out that my ping is only stable (60) if I: stay in a menu; stay in a vehicle; or stand completely still. So for whatever reason, the ping only spikes if canada goose clearance sale I move around on foot. I really hope this is something they would patch, but since it isn game breaking for everyone, I doubt they would.

EDIT Canada Goose Coats On Sale 2: I figured out a fix! I was toying around with the graphical settings, and when I turned them to the high preset, it fixed the problem.

Canada Goose Jackets The game becomes MUCH better when you have stuff unlocked. The guns you unlock are awesome.

buy canada goose jacket Does anyone think there kind of needs to be something else to take care of tanks? They have an AT gun but you have to probe to use it, and it doesn use so much damage.

canada goose clearance sale I played 4 hours and have revived 0 people. I don like this. Something needs to change about the current medic class.

canada goose coats Does this game have bullet drop or lead? I have a hard time sniping/shooting at range. I feel like the scope is on them, I shoot, it doesn hit them. Do you have to shoot before the person is where you aiming? What canada goose clearance about aiming above them for drop.

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