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Canada Goose sale Cape Canada Goose Coats On Sale Cod and the Pilgrims

The Pilgrim Monument is a 252 foot tower overlooking the harbor where the Mayflower first dropped anchor and the Pilgrims went ashore to take their first steps in the New World. The monument is not in Plymouth, Massachusetts, however, Canada Goose Jackets where most people might expect to find it. The Pilgrim Monument is actually located at the very tip of Cape Cod, in Provincetown.

In fact, the Pilgrims spent five weeks on the canada goose uk outlet outer Cape before moving to Plymouth. During this time, many key events occurred, including the signing of the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrim’s first encounters with canada goose Native Americans, and the first birth in the canada goose store New World.

Canada Goose Jackets This article will briefly recount these events, and point out where they occurred. These sites are all easy to find, and can be interesting and fun places for adults and families visiting Cape Cod who want to retrace the earliest footsteps canada goose coats on sale of the Pilgrims.

canada goose store The Mayflower CompactBefore leaving the Mayflower, the Pilgrims wrote a document to establish some governing principles for their new settlement. This document, the Mayflower Compact, declared that the settlers would enact, by mutual consent, laws for the common buy canada goose jacket cheap good, Canada Goose Outlet by which all agreed to abide. It was the first example of a government based uk canada goose on the consent of buy canada goose jacket the governed in the New World but it would not be the last.

canada goose black friday sale On November 11, 1620, a group of Pilgrims went ashore for the first time. They found the area to be a thin strip of mostly sand, surrounded on three sides by ocean, with no sources of fresh water. Fortunately they did find some trees which could be used for canada goose uk black friday firewood.

canada goose coats on sale The Pilgrim MonumentThe Pilgrim Monument is the tallest all granite structure in the United States. The monument, which uk canada goose outlet opened in 1910, towers over Provincetown, and can be seen for miles as you approach the town from Route 6.

canada goose deals Construction on the tower began in 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt traveled canada goose factory sale to Provincetown to lay the structure’s cornerstone. When the monument opened in 1910, President William Howard Taft was there for the dedication.

Canada Goose Outlet A series of steps Canada Goose online and ramps leads to the top of the monument, where visitors get a spectacular view of Provincetown and the harbor where the Mayflower sat in 1620. At the foot of the Pilgrim Monument is the Provincetown Museum, which showcases the town’s interesting history. The admission fee covers both the monument and cheap canada goose uk the museum.

canada goose coats Corn HillOn November 15th, an expedition set out to explore more of the surrounding area. On the first day, they saw a small group of indians, who immediately ran away. On the 16th they found their first fresh water, and, later, a Canada Goose Online cache of buried indian corn. The starving Pilgrims took as much of the corn as they could from the area, which they named Corn Hill.

Canada Goose Parka Corn Hill is now the site of a beautiful public beach in the town canada goose uk shop of Truro. After spending a day swimming canada goose black friday sale and sunbathing, visitors may choose to stay for the gorgeous sunset over the ocean.

Just off the beach’s parking lot is a memorial plaque, which reads:

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Sixteen Pilgrims led by Myles Standish, William Bradford, Stephen Hopkins and Edward Tilley found precious Indian corn on this spot which they called Corn Hill. November 16, 1620 ‘And sure it was God’s good providence that we found this corn for else we know not how we should have done.'”

canada goose clearance sale First Encounter BeachOn December 6, a group of Pilgrims began the search for a better location on which to build a permanent settlement. They set up camp that evening on the shore of what is now Eastham. The following night they were awoken by the sounds of what they believed to be an indian attack. The Pilgrims fired a few gunshots, and the noises ceased.

canada goose clearance On the morning of the 8th, the indians, members of the Nauset tribe, again attacked. It may have been, at least in part, in retaliation for the theft Canada Goose Parka of their corn. According to some reports, the Pilgrims had unknowingly desecrated an indian burial site at Corn Hill.

The Pilgrims responded with gunfire, and the indians soon fled. No one on either side canadian goose jacket was hurt during the brief exchange. The Pilgrims referred to the event as First Encounter, and the site is now a public beach. A plaque nearby commemorates the event.

canadian goose jacket Pilgrims Land at PlymouthAs the expedition left Eastham to continue their search, their small boat was damaged during a canada goose clearance sale storm. They had to come ashore at the nearest land they could find an area which they soon discovered had abundant fresh water, good soil for planting, and an excellent harbor. The party returned to the Mayflower with the news, and by December 16, the Pilgrims had relocated to the area we now know as Plymouth.

Plymouth is canada goose clearance just over 75 miles from Provincetown. Vacationers at either Plymouth or Cape Cod could easily make a day trip to the other location to complete their Pilgrim experience. See canada goose coats the map below for details:Pilgrim Monument Pilgrim Monument, 1 High Pole Hill Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657, USA

Canada Goose online The tallest all granite structure in America commemorates blouson chilliwack canada goose the site of the Pilgrim’s first arrival in the New World.

Corn Hill Corn Hill, Truro, MA Canada Goose sale 02666, USA

cheap Canada Goose Site where the Pilgrims discovered a cache of indian corn that saved them from starvation during their first winter.

First Encounter Beach First Encounter Beach, Eastham, MA 02642, USA

Site of the Pilgrim’s first encounter with members of the Nauset indian tribe.

Mayflower II Plymouth Rock Mayflower II, Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA

The Mayflower II, a faithful reproduction of the original Pilgrim ship, sits at Plymouth Harbor, cheap Canada Goose next to Plymouth Rock.

buy canada goose jacket I have never been to Cape Cod, but this hub has me thinking maybe I need to visit! Thanks for sharing a lot of great info and beautiful pictures. Voted up.

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